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Years of the Sword - Wellington the Soldier


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This WebSite is dedicated to the military career of Sir Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, my favorite commander throughout the Napoleonic Wars. It covers his entire service live from entering the 73.Regiment of Highlanders in 1787 until his returning to Great Britain with the end of the Occupation of France by the Allied Forces in 1818. You will find on this WebSite biographical details on the Duke, extensive materials concerning all his campaigns, related documents and maps, details on most of his subordinates, on some of his French enemies, for which I have a special preference and corresponding chapters from my series of historic novels on Wellington the Soldier -the WARLORD SERIES - together with links to some of my favorite Napoleonic and Literature WebSites. If you like my WebSite, if you want to discuss the Wars of the Revolution and the Times of Wellington and Napoleon, sent me an e-mail: claudia.urbanovsky@laposte.net

This WebSite has been updated on 4th November 2002

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Fields of Glory

The Military Biography of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington

  1. Wellington's Soldiers : The British Army in the Days of the Revolution and during the Napoleonic Wars

  2. Bloddy Assaye : The Touch of Genius   NEW

  3. Rojica and Vimeiro : More then just a Sepoy-General

  4. Talavera : The Testcase for an advanced version of Frederick the Great's Tactics

  5. The Lines of Torres Vedras : A Victory without a Battle

  6. Sieges of the Peninsular War : The Gruesome Experiences of an Invicible General

  7. Salamanca : Wellington's Masterstroke

  8. The Battle of the Pyrenées : Almost Warfare of the XX.Century

  9. Waterloo : Not so close run a thing!

The Wellington Timeline 

   1.     A Timeline and Full Biography of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852)

    2.     On Flanders Fields : Arthur Wesley's First Experience in War

   3.     Tiger of Mysore : India and the Making of a General

   4.     Eagle and Leopard : Great Britain's youngest General enters the European Theater of   War 


   5.     Warlord : Wellington - The Invincible   NEW

   6.     The Honour of a Soldier : Field Marshal against Emperor

 Wellington's Commanders

This part of the site will evolve constantly and I intend to add commanders as time goes bye. I think it unfaire to restrain myself to flag rank only and therefore some subordinates whom I appreciate should also find their way in.If you want to know about one or another who does not figure in this list, please send me an e-mail: claudia.urbanovsky@laposte.net

  1. William Carr Viscount Beresford  

  2. Sir Thomas Picton  

  3. Sir Rowland Hill  

  4. Henry Paget, Lord Uxbridge                                          

  5. Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole

  6. Sir Robert Craufurd

  7. Sir Charles von Alten

     Wellington's Army

This part of my website will introduce you to The Men who Fought with Wellington. Before entering the links, forget about this famous "They are but the scum of the Earth.............". They were not, or not more or less then soldiery of this age usually was. Sure indeed, job prospects in the Army were not so nice and therefore mostly desperate, poor and socially excluded fellows followed the drums, but we should stick to the end of the famous 'Scum-of-the-Earth'-citation :".............it is quite amazing what fine fellows we can make of them!" Wellington knew his men, so thrust we will believe the Duke,too. After my own appreciation of the soldiers under Wellington, you will find links to some regimental WebSites. I am not one of those, who try to pertrade the fairy tale that only the Soldiers of England fought for the Duke. You may therefore see King's German Legion, Brunswickers and other nationalities as well.

   My Favorite Adversaries of Wellington

This is not an exhaustive list of all French Military Commanders beaten by Sir Arthur, but a piece of information of my favorite adversaries of the Duke. This is the reason why I include also the Horse Guards! What Napoleon's Marshalls never managed (To give Atty a good thrashing!), this old-fashioned military administration domineered by very old gentlemen almost managed. Follow the links and enjoy my private battlefield! One caveat only: Some of you may miss Mister Napoleone Bonaparte in this listing. He will stay out of here! The emperor has enough websites of his own and therefore I expect him to let this solitary site, devoted to the Duke of Wellington alone. You will meet Napoleon at Waterloo; be satisfied with this entreact and if this is not good enough for you, please refer to my "Interesting Napoleonic Links" page.

  1. Ney

  2. Jourdan      

  3. Soult          

  4. Massena    

  5. Marmont 

  6. Grouchy  

  7. The Horse Guards

The Wellington Novels

This part will introduce you to the WARLORD series, my four novels on Wellington's War. The first tomeis 'Marattha-König Zweier Welten". It has been published as an audiobbok in August 2012 by Action-Verlag ( www.action-verlag.com ) and if you are fluent in German you may purchase it via Audible.de or Amazon.de. It is now also available (in German) as an Ebook from Droemer-Knaur Neobooks and can be acquired as a download for Kindle from Amazon or for any other ebook-reader via the habitual webbased German-language book stores (Thalia,Weltbild, Ciando etc.) The three other novelsof the WARLORD-Series will be published soon as audiobooks and Ebooks, too. A print version is also possible, but I have no idea about a time schedule yet. You can meet my fictive heros and learn more about the other novels on which I am working here on this pages. And do not forget to sign my NEW GUESTBOOK on this page! 

1.  Marattha-König Zweier Welten: (Hörbuch Action Verlag August 2012 ISBN: 978-3-86210-601-1 )

2.  Eagle and Leopard : (Der Adler und der Leopard - forthcoming)

3.  Warlord : ( Der Herr des Krieges - forthcoming)

4.  The Honour of a Soldier : ( Die Ehre eines Soldaten ) This is the Waterloo Novel and I am working on it! NEW

5. My Heros : Meet my principal caracters - where fiction meets reality....   NEW  

6. The Face behind the Wellington Novels : Meet the author  NEW

Books & Links

On this page you will find an overview on good literature (from my point of view) covering the times and wars of Wellington. You can also connect to other WebSites which treat of the times of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. I tried to chose good, historically instructive sites, which treat also with the Armies, Regiments, Weaponry and Uniforms of those days. For readers interested in old documents, I propose a hyperlink into the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, whose 'Gallica' will allow you to telecharge so interesting materials as Jomini's 'The Campaign of 1815' or the 'Relation de la Campagne de 1815, dite de Waterloo' by Colonel Heymes, an AdC to Marshal Michel Ney, but also maps and views of the times of the Revolution and the I.Empire.

The History WebRings Page


The Napoleonic Wars Ring -  The Regency Ring   - Geschichtsring

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An absolute 'must' for those who love history: The Napoleonic Wars Ring takes you far beyond the singular caracters of Bonaparte and Wellington deep into the most passionate page of newer European History : From the Age of Revolution to the Creation of Europe at the Congress of Vienna and on the Bloddy Fields of Waterloo...... 

The Times of Wellington and those men who fought with him; The Regency Ring will make you live the first half of the XIX. Century as if you were there. Beautiful websites dedicated to renowned novelists from and of those days, a social, economic and political panorama of the Great Britain of 'Mad King George III.' and the Prince Regent 'Prinny', who would become George IV, with the renown of one of Europe's most fashionable gentlemen, but also one of the most unflatteringly vicious........

Geschichtsring - A Webring containing sites that cover everything, from the Dark Ages to the XX.Century: Have a look on this nice collection!

Napoleonic Wars and Duke of Wellington - Two excellent Webrings covering the full spectrum of the history of the British Forces through the Centuries, including Regimental Histories and Websites devoted to Re-enactment: A worthwile visit for serious and extensive information!

Webfehler: Autoren Online - A Webring for writers and people who like to read; visit and enjoy!

Historical Fiction and Historical Romance Writers  - Two Webrings for Bookworms with reviews of historical fiction, links to authors and pages and pages of free historic fiction to enjoy on long cold winter evenings......a must!

Geschichtsring Deutschland - Superbe, complete, most pages are in German, excellent sites on "Deutsch Südwest and the 'Schutztruppen', a lot of stuff on the two WWs for those who are interested in contemporary history......and much more! 

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